Risk Management Services

Property Loss Preparation

Large Loss Property Claim Preparation

If you have a catastrophic property loss, knowing where to begin the claim process can be overwhelming. It is daunting enough to contemplate widespread property damage at your business or to consider a complete closure of your operations due to a large fire or storm. You have to think about managing the insurance claim preparation necessary to get you back to business—a complex process that requires specific steps and detailed documentation before your insurer will approve your claim.

Risk Management Services, LLC, has the unique expertise and resources to help you manage your claim preparation process to maximize your insurance recovery and minimize your business loss.

We take care of the claim process while you take care of your business

Risk Management Services, LLC is a team of specialists that knows what questions to ask, what documents to obtain, and how insurance companies require your claim to be submitted. We work with your insurance company, which will analyze your claim and assess a recommended value for your recovery. In addition, we work with the claims adjuster they assign to “adjust” the value of your claim to meet the insurance company’s contractual settlement standards.

Risk Management Services, LLC, has relationships with teams of highly skilled professionals, who are typically paid by your insurance company. We confirm the available coverage to pay for the professionals’ fees and work with them to minimize your business interruption. The professionals Risk Management Services, LLC, may engage includes:

  • Forensic Accountants
  • Structural Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Architects
  • Surveyors
  • Plumbers, Electricians and Structural Estimators HVAC Technicians

Risk Management Services, LLC, oversees every step of the claim process, streamlining the work to expedite your claim. Most of the work we perform can be paid for by your insurance company and includes:

  • Managing your public relations to protect your brand
  • Collecting appropriate advances so you can begin the restoration process
  • Notifying all appropriate internal and external parties about your loss
  • Negotiating with your insurance company to maximize your claim recovery and ensure that exclusions and limitations are applied properly
  • Identifying and securing alternate sites to resume your business operations
  • Documenting, photo-documenting and substantiating your cause of loss
  • Handling your lenders’ requests or demands
  • Assisting with disclosures required by regulated or public companies
  • Meeting with your insurance company representatives to inspect the loss
  • Meeting with your insurance company representatives to conduct progress inspections
  • Quantifying and presenting your business interruption claim, and collecting advances and final payments